What is a drone and How to Buy a Drone with Camera

Humans have always been fascinated with flying objects. This passion has led to the invention of everything from commercial airplanes to defense helicopters. It has also led to the creation of radio-controlled planes, drones and quadcopters. These sophisticated toys allow the users to experience the thrill of flying an aircraft without going through the trouble of training and licensing. It can also help satiate your desire of flying a plane or a drone at an affordable price as well. New[…]


Hubsan X4 FPV: A Popular Low Budget Camera Drone

Hubsan X4 FPV Hubsan’s X4 has been immensely popular with both newbies and experienced hobbyists. While the H107C model has a camera, it simply records the video and allows the users to watch the recorded footage after landing. The more recent H107D FPV, however, transmits live video to your 4.3-inch color LCD screen in the control unit. In fact, it is one of the smallest drones to provide first-person-views. The drone allows you to start and stop recording via a[…]

3D Robotics Solo Quadcopter
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3D Robotics Solo Challenges DJI Phantom for Best RC Drone for Sale

3D Robotics Solo 3D Robotics has also entered the camera drone market in a big way with Solo that seeks to challenge DJI Phantom in many ways. The drone comes with two 1GHz Linux computers: one in the drone, one in the controller. This allows the Solo to power additional sensors and features without burdening Pixhawk 2, 3D Robotics’ own flight core computer. Solo is a very consumer-friendly product that can be customized to suit your needs. The accessory bay[…]

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X-Spy Revell Quacopter a Nano Drone with Camera

If you are a beginner looking for a cool drone that costs less than 100 dollars, try X-Spy from Revell. The tiny quadcopter measures just 148x148x45 mm and comes with a camera that is mounted underneath the machine. The propeller guards are flimsy and do not offer much protection during a crash. The company, however, offers an additional set of rotors. The camera has a resolution of 320×280. While you will not get stunning visuals, the drone is inexpensive and[…]